Roller shutter V010 – Space

With the V010 – Space roller shutter, you get all the benefits of roller shutters. It darkens rooms, protects you from the sun and insulates your home. This special roller shutter is made of relatively light slats with a small barrel diameter. This is why these shutters are equipped with a small box.


Max. width 3000 mm
Max. height 3000 mm
Control Manual or electric
Slat weight 2.8 [kg/m2]
Solar motor Optional
*Excluding measuring and installation costs

Unleash Maximum Comfort with V010 – Space Roller Shutter!

Experience the blend of style, energy efficiency, and smart protection, all encompassed in our V010 – Space Roller Shutter. An exclusive solution for those who prioritize quality and functionality.


  • Total Darkness Anytime: Achieve the perfect atmosphere for relaxation or an impromptu movie night with the V010 – Space Roller Shutter’s ability to darken rooms effectively.
  • Guard against Sun’s Glare: Protect your interiors from damaging sun rays while enjoying a cool, soothing ambience.
  • Outstanding Insulation: Maintain your home’s temperature with excellent insulation capabilities, reducing your energy consumption and saving on bills.
  • Compact Design: With a smaller barrel diameter, the V010 – Space roller shutter fits any window, no matter the size.
  • Light yet Sturdy: Manufactured from lightweight slats, the product remains robust and durable, promising long-term service.


  • Maximum Size: With a max width and height of 3000mm, it can cover any window, small or large, offering optimal sun protection and insulation.
  • Convenient Control: Choose between manual or electric control for the ultimate convenience and ease of use.
  • Weight Advantage: With a slat weight of 2.8 kg/m2, the V010 – Space roller shutter is light yet offers unmatched strength and durability.
  • Optional Solar Motor: Opt for a solar-powered motor to further enhance your energy savings and reduce environmental impact.
  • Semi-cassette Awning: This feature combines the benefits of full protection with a compact, aesthetically pleasing design.

What’s Included:
Your purchase includes the V010 – Space Roller Shutter, with optional solar motor (excluding measuring and installation costs). This gives you a highly effective, energy-saving solution to protect and insulate your home.

Social Proof:

  • “The V010 – Space Roller Shutter keeps our home cool and protected from sun damage. Couldn’t ask for more!” – Sandra
  • “I’m impressed by how well the shutter darkens our rooms. Perfect for our movie nights!” – Alex
  • “The insulation is incredible! Our energy bills have reduced noticeably.” – Tina
  • “The compact design fits perfectly. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, a great investment!” – Mike
  • “Opted for the solar motor and we’re saving even more on energy bills. Fantastic!” – Peter


  1. Is the V010 – Space Roller Shutter easy to install? Yes, but it’s recommended to use professional installation for optimal functionality.
  2. Does it provide total darkness? Yes, it’s designed to effectively darken rooms, allowing you to control the light ambiance.
  3. Can it fit on any window size? Yes, with a max width and height of 3000mm, it covers a wide range of window sizes.
  4. What is the weight of the shutter? The slat weight is 2.8 kg/m2, making it a lightweight yet durable solution.
  5. Is the solar motor included? The solar motor is optional and can be included in your purchase for additional energy savings.
  6. Does the semi-cassette awning feature affect its performance? No, it combines full protection with a sleek design.
  7. Are there additional costs beyond the product price? Measuring and installation costs are excluded from the product
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