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Sun protection for restaurants and bars

The summer months are the busiest for bars, cafes and restaurants. No wonder: Customers love to enjoy a cup of coffee, a good meal and a glass of wine in the fresh air. With awnings for the hospitality industry, you can make your outdoor patio shaded and wind-free. So your customers can enjoy your service to the full!

Enjoy the sun, don't mind the rain

Our sun protection products are dynamic, which means you can easily respond to the ever-changing weather conditions and the needs of your customers. Simply open the awnings or screens and change the climate on your patio.

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These are sun protection solutions designed specifically for the catering industry. Their size makes them suitable for large outdoor terraces. Popular products for the catering industry include verandas, pergola awnings, louvre roofs and windscreens.

More and more customers want to eat and drink outside. By adding sun protection solutions to your patio, you can create a comfortable dining area that protects your guests from the hot sun, cold rain and wind. As a result, your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors for longer.

The maximum dimensions of sun protection products vary. It is also possible to couple some of our products. See our product pages for more information on product dimensions.

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