V480 – Cannes

Do you want to span enormous terraces? The sun canopy Cannes be made in a width of up to 12 meters. Integrated LED spots can also ensure that your entire terrace is illuminated!


Type Cassette awning
Max. width 7 m
Max. depth 4 m
Control Electric
Frame colour Tech. silver, ivory or anthracite tex.

Transform Your Space with the Exquisite V480 – Cannes Sun Canopy

Experience unrivaled comfort and elegance with our V480 – Cannes Sun Canopy. Perfect for large terraces, restaurants, and bars craving a touch of class and functionality.


  • Exquisite Outdoor Comfort: Enjoy your outdoor spaces with the luxurious shade and tranquillity offered by the V480 – Cannes.
  • Enhanced Night-time Ambience: Fitted with integrated LED spots, transform your evenings into a magical, lit experience.
  • Grandiose Coverage: With a maximum width of up to 12 meters, ensure every inch of your terrace is catered to.
  • Versatility and Elegance: Perfect for both personal and professional settings including restaurants and bars.
  • User-friendly Control: The electric controls make the V480 – Cannes sun canopy easy to use and manage.


  • Sturdy Cassette Awning: It’s not just a sun canopy; the sturdy cassette design ensures durability and longevity, offering you a long-term investment.
  • Integrated LED Lights: The added LED spots don’t just illuminate your terrace; they elevate your overall ambiance, adding a dash of elegance to any event.
  • Expansive Size: The impressive 7m width and 4m depth cater not just to shade needs, but also amplify the aesthetic value of your space.
  • Electric Control System: The convenience of an electric control system means effortless operation, enabling you to control your comfort with ease.
  • Colour Variety: With frame colours in technical silver, ivory, or anthracite tex, you have the freedom to choose what complements your space best.

What’s Included:

With the V480 – Cannes, you get the cassette awning, integrated LED spots, the electric control system, and your choice of frame colour. Each element combines to provide an unmatched blend of comfort, control, and aesthetics.

Social Proof:

  • “The V480 – Cannes has transformed our restaurant’s terrace into a year-round attraction!” – Bistro L’amour
  • “Our family evenings have never been better, thanks to the stunning lighting from the Cannes.” – The Johnson Family
  • “Never thought our bar could look so chic. The Cannes has taken our ambiance up a notch!” – Cheers Pub
  • “Amazing quality and coverage. The V480 – Cannes is worth every penny.” – Green Garden Café
  • “Easy to control and looks elegant. It’s been a game-changer for our outdoor events.” – Eventique Organizers


  • Q: Can I adjust the LED lights?
    • A: Yes, the integrated LED lights can be controlled for desired brightness.
  • Q: What’s the maximum size of the canopy?
    • A: The Cannes canopy can span up to 7m in width and 4m in depth.
  • Q: How easy is it to operate the Cannes?
    • A: Thanks to the electric control system, operating the canopy is a breeze.
  • Q: Can it withstand harsh weather?
    • A: Yes, the sturdy cassette awning design is built to endure various weather conditions.
  • Q: Are there color options for the frame?
    • A: Absolutely, you can choose from technical silver, ivory, or anthracite tex.
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