Less dependent on the weather with patio covers.


Don’t let your activities be hindered by rain and wind anymore! With patio covers, you can enjoy barbecues with friends or breakfast with the whole family even in bad weather.

Outdoor all year round with patio covers

Fresh air is healthy, gives us energy and improves concentration. With patio enclosures, you will be outside more often and enjoy the fresh air more often! Your enclosure will protect you from many weather conditions. So enjoy the warmth of the sun in spring and have protection from wind and rain in autumn and winter. You get an extra space to feel good!

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Made to measure weather protection

Verano® terrace roofs are always made to measure. They are made to the millimeter. With custom-made solutions, you make the most of the functional properties of patio roofs and find solutions that are functional and beautiful! In addition to the dimensions, you determine the profile colors, roof filling and additional options and design the roofing entirely according to your wishes.

Aluminum patio roofs are sustainable shelters that can provide protection from wind and rain. Some patio roofs also provide some protection from heat and sun rays. In addition, an aluminum patio enclosure requires less maintenance than wood and steel enclosures because aluminum is a more sustainable and stronger material.

The maximum dimensions of a one-piece Verano® terrace roofing are:

Width: 700cm

drop-out: 400cm

With coupled terrace canopies you can protect a large area of your terrace from the weather conditions.

Polycarbonate is a strong and inexpensive material. That is why polycarbonate is suitable for terrace roof filling. Glass roof filling is more expensive than polycarbonate roof filling, but it also looks more luxurious.

A Verano® patio enclosure can be extended with products such as glass and sliding walls and veranda sunshades. With glass and sliding walls you provide even more protection from rain and wind. Ideal if you want to create a winter garden or a garden room. Veranda sunshade is a retractable and extendable cloth that protects your terrace from the sun’s rays and heat.

In our collection there are canopies with a sun-protecting and water-repellent awning cloth, also pergola awnings. These awnings are characterized by their solid aluminum construction and the retractable and extendable fabric.

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