V910 – Garda

Garda terrace roofing is enormously versatile. The solid construction ensures that this roofing can be made with polycarbonate as well as with 44.2 or 55.4 glass. Thus, you yourself make the choice of a luxurious or a more economical option.


Max. width patio awning 5500 m
Max. depth patio awning 3500 m
Roof plates Polycarbonate 16mm, glass 44.2 of glass 55.2
Extra LED-lightning possible

V910 – Garda: The Versatile Terrace Roofing Solution

Garda terrace roofing, represented by its flagship model V910, stands tall as a paradigm of flexibility and robustness. What makes this terrace roofing stand out in a crowded market? Read on to find out!

A Brief Introduction to Garda Terrace Roofing

We live in a world where innovation drives the market, and the home improvement sector is no exception. Here, the Garda terrace roofing, particularly the V910 model, truly shines. But what makes it so special? The answer lies in its solid construction and material versatility. Whether it’s polycarbonate or 44.2 and 55.4 glass, the choice is entirely yours, depending on whether you prefer a luxurious finish or a more economical option.

Exploring the Solid Construction of V910

Let’s delve into the sturdy construction of the V910 model. Why does it matter? When investing in terrace roofing, durability is key. No one wants to install a new roof only to replace it a few years down the line. This is where the solid construction of the Garda V910 terrace roofing shines. It promises longevity and resilience, ensuring your terrace stands up to the harshest weather conditions.

Versatility of Material Choices

Material choice plays a significant role in determining the durability and aesthetics of your terrace roof. Have you ever wondered what difference it would make if you could select the roofing material? With Garda terrace roofing, that option is at your disposal. Polycarbonate, 44.2 glass, or 55.4 glass? Each of these material choices brings a unique set of properties to the table.

Polycarbonate: The Economical Choice

Looking for a more budget-friendly option? Polycarbonate might just be the right fit for you. With a thickness of 16mm, this lightweight yet robust material ensures your roof stands firm against the elements while keeping the cost down.

Glass 44.2 and 55.4: Luxurious and Aesthetically Pleasing

If budget is not your primary concern and you’re after a more luxurious look, you can opt for 44.2 or 55.4 glass. Not only does this add a touch of elegance to your terrace, but it also offers the added advantage of increased strength and durability.

Understanding the Dimensions: Width and Depth

The specifications of the V910 – Garda are as flexible as they come. With a maximum width of 5500m and a maximum depth of 3500m, you can customize the size of the roofing to fit the exact dimensions of your terrace.

An Added Touch: LED-Lighting

Imagine enjoying a quiet evening under your new terrace roofing, adorned with soft LED lights. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? With the V910 – Garda, you can turn this dream into reality, thanks to the option for LED-lightning integration.

In Conclusion

In the world of terrace roofing, V910 – Garda emerges as a versatile and reliable option, offering a solid construction and a wide range of material choices. Whether you are looking for an economical option or a luxurious aesthetic, the Garda V910 provides the perfect solution, tailor-made to your needs.
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