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Solar-powered zipscreens

Darken your room or shade your patio with sun and heat protection zipscreens. Solar powered zipscreens are fitted with a solar panel so you can protect yourself from heat, cold and light using solar energy.

Discover the benefits of a solar powered zip screen

Solar powered zipscreens come with a solar motor, so you don’t need to connect your zipscreen to the mains. Simply use the sun’s energy to retract your awning fabric and protect yourself from the hot, bright sun.

Create your own zipscreen

There’s plenty to choose from with our bespoke products: size, profile colour, fabric colour and extras. We will make sure your product is exactly what you want!

Charge, store and use solar power

The solar motor on these Zipscreens is equipped with a solar panel and a battery. When exposed to daylight, the cells collect solar energy which is then stored in the battery. The motor uses this stored energy to retract the screen.

Solar powered zipscreens – often referred to as solarscreens – are equipped with a battery and solar panel. This product does not need to be connected to the mains. The battery recharges itself using solar energy – even on cloudy days. Daylight is enough!

The maximum dimensions of a Verano® solar powered zip screen are

Width: 600 cm
Depth: 600 cm

It is possible to link screens together to create more shade.

Solar powered zipscreens can be controlled by a remote control or your smartphone. You can also set your Zipscreen to open and close at set times.

No, this isn’t necessary as the solar panel stores solar energy effectively. Exposure to daylight is sufficient, which is why solar powered zip fasteners work well during the winter months.

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