Relax with a slat roof

Louvered roofs

With a slat roof you create an oasis of well-being. In this place, whether in the sun or in the shade, you can experience many beautiful moments outdoors – alone, with families, or with friends. You yourself determine the incidence of light and the temperature on your terrace. And with the tiltable slats you are also protected from a small shower.

Louvered Panels For Your Pergola

Respond to weather conditions

With slat roofs you can quickly and easily respond to changing weather conditions. You determine the sunlight and ventilation by changing the position of the slats. Louvered roofs can be installed against the facade, on top of an existing structure, or freestanding in your garden. The slim aluminum design of the lamella dacg also makes it a real eye-catcher in the modern garden.

Customized slat roofs

Verano® slat roofs are always made to measure. This means that we make the roofs to the millimeter. This is because customization allows you to make the most of the functional properties of slat roofs and arrive at solutions that are not only functional, but also visually appealing! In addition to the dimensions, you determine the profile colors, the design and the additional options and design the lamella roof entirely according to your wishes.

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The maximum dimensions of a Verano® slat roof are:

Width: 450 cm
Projection: 600 cm

Do you want to create shade on a larger part of your terrace? This is not a problem! Slat roofs can be combined with each other to create a giant roof.

You can equip the V870 – Arezzo with a LED light strip.

When closed, the lamellas of a lamella roof form a splash-proof roof. The rainwater is drained through the lamella profiles to the posts.

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