Pergola awnings against sun and rain

A pergola awning is a pergola and terrace awning in one. Thus, it provides protection from the incoming sun and from heavy rain showers. When you have a drink on your terrace in summer, your pergola awning guarantees that you can stay outside.

Red Dot Award Pergola Awning Tumba

The posts and side beams of the pergola awning V642 – Tumba have the same size and create a unity in design and appearance. The visual impact of the Perimeter Guard connecting components is minimized, and the retractable design provides efficient protection from the sun and rain.

Customized pergola awnings

A Verano® pergola awning is always manufactured to the milimeter. Because customization allows you to make the most of the functional properties of awnings and find solutions that are not only functional, but also a feast for the eyes! In addition to the dimensions, you determine the profile colors, fabric colors and operation and make the pergola awning completely according to your wishes. 

The maximum dimensions of a one-piece system are: 600cm wide and a drop of 500cm. However, you can also choose for multi-part awning systems, with which you can shade a larger part of your terrace.

The average price of a pergola awning on posts (width = 300cm, drop = 500cm), is: €5500 – €6500. This is the price excluding measuring costs and installation costs.

A pergola awning has a water-repellent cloth, and thus provides protection from both sun and rain and wind.

Verano® pergola awnings are given a water-repellent awning fabric that can retract and extend by motor operation. Patio canopies are made with a solid polycarbonate or glass roof.

You could get a free brochure by email. In this brochure you can find all technical information and everything about profile and fabric colors.

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