Wake up quietly

Venetian blinds

Do you like to wake up quietly with a bit of breakfast, a cup of coffee and the latest news? Keep the blinds closed a little longer and enjoy breakfast in your pyjamas. No one will see you!

Functional and stylish

Venetian blinds are one of the most versatile and practical types of window coverings on the market today. They offer a wealth of benefits beyond simple privacy and sunlight filtering, making them an ideal choice for any home or office. With a simple tilt of the slats, Venetian blinds allow you to fine-tune the amount of light entering your room, creating just the right ambiance for any occasion. Additionally, the wide range of color and material options available means that you can easily find a style that perfectly complements your interior design. Sophisticated and stylish, Venetian blinds are also a highly coveted window treatment that can instantly add a touch of class to any space. From cozy bedrooms to elegant living rooms, these blinds are all the rage right now and are sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

The maximum dimensions of Verano® aluminium and wood blinds are shown in the table below. Venetian blinds can also be hung almost seamlessly side by side to create enormous widths.

Maximum width :: Maximum height
Aluminium: 400 cm x 325 cm
Wood: 265 cm x 400 cm

The minimum dimensions for Verano® aluminium and wood blinds are shown in the table below:

Minimum width :: Minimum height
Aluminium: 30 cm x 25 cm
Wood: 40 cm x 20 cm

Verano® aluminium and wood blinds are available in a range of slat widths:

Slat width
Aluminium: 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm and 70 mm
Wood: 50 mm and 65 mm

Verano® aluminium and wood blinds can be made with sloping sides. This means that the blinds can be made to fit angled windows. We distinguish between the 4 types below:

Blind corner, 1 sloping side
Blind corner, 2 sloping sides
Blind trapezium, 1 sloping side
Blind trapezium, 2 sloping sides

Smartfit blinds from Verano® are blinds that are framed with an aluminium mounting profile. These blinds are mounted using a magnetic strip or mounting clips. There is no need to drill or screw into the window frame and the blinds are easy to remove. Smartfit blinds are also suitable for tilt and turn windows and doors.

Verano® is proud to offer our customers the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their children’s safety. Our blinds fully comply with the European Commission’s ‘child safety’ regulations. These safety regulations have been put in place to eliminate any and all risks of strangulation or internal suffocation, providing the highest level of protection for your children. We understand that safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to your home, and that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that our products meet all necessary safety standards. For further information regarding how our blinds provide superior child safety, please click on the following link to learn more.
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