Want more privacy?


Want some me time at home? Time to do some yoga or read a book in your own living room. It would be great if your nosy neighbours couldn’t see what you’re doing, wouldn’t it? Zipscreens give you that extra bit of privacy. This means you can do exactly what you want in your own home at any time of the day.

In control with Ritzscreens

Ritzscreens® reflective fabric blocks the sun’s heat and glare. This allows you to watch television without the sunlight blocking your view of the screen. Why are Ritzscreens® so effective at creating extra privacy? Ritzscreens® ensure that no one outside your home can see in, whilst you can still enjoy the view outside. In addition, Ritzscreens® also create a pleasant indoor climate.

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An important difference between a screen and a zipscreen is the zipscreen’s integrated side guides. Whereas the fabric of a regular screen is only stabilised by the top and bottom rails, zipscreens have side rails that allow the fabric to be tensioned optimally.

Verano® zipscreens are available in maximum sizes of 600 cm by 600 cm. These products can also be combined so that you can cover the largest windows in your home.

Electric zipscreens are powered by a motor and can be controlled by a switch, remote control or your own smartphone. You can also open and close your Zipscreen at a programmed time.

With solar powered zipscreens, you don’t need to rely on the power grid. All your zip screen needs is the sun. Learn more about the features and benefits of solar powered zipscreens.

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