V599 Screen

Does your house have large windows? The Ritzscreen® V599 ensures that you won’t have any problems stretching the fabric even on large dimensions. In addition, the narrow guides ensure a beautiful appearance.


Max. width screens 4 m
Max. height screens 6 m
Control Electric
Fabric collections Vitro colours & Metro colours

Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic with Our V599 Ritzscreen®

For lovers of expansive views and sophisticated interiors, the Ritzscreen® V599 is a perfect blend of practicality and style, ensuring your large windows are enhanced, not overwhelmed.


  • Superior Functionality: With a maximum width and height of 4 m and 6 m respectively, our V599 Ritzscreen® easily covers large window surfaces, delivering effective shading without compromising your view.
  • Modern Elegance: The narrow guides of our Ritzscreen® blend seamlessly with any interior design, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic to your space.
  • Customizable Palette: Choose from our Vitro and Metro color collections to customize your Ritzscreen® V599 to match your individual style and home décor.
  • Effortless Control: Operating your Ritzscreen® is a breeze with our electric controls – a simple push of a button provides optimal light management.
  • Quality You Can Trust: As part of our renowned Ritzscreen® category, the V599 model promises superior durability and a premium feel.


  • Expansive Coverage: With a reach of up to 4 m wide and 6 m high, our V599 Ritzscreen® is ideal for large windows – delivering you comprehensive light control and indoor comfort.
  • Sophisticated Design: The slim guides of our Ritzscreen® V599 offer a subtle and refined appearance that elevates your room’s ambiance, combining practicality with style.
  • Color Variety: With a wide array of Vitro and Metro colors to choose from, our Ritzscreen® V599 can be tailored to your taste, adding a personal touch to your living space.
  • Electronic Operation: Designed with convenience in mind, the V599 Ritzscreen® is controlled electronically, making light management effortless and quick.
  • Ritzscreen® Quality: Bearing the trusted Ritzscreen® name, our V599 model guarantees high-quality construction and enduring performance, bringing long-term value to your home.

What’s Included: The Ritzscreen® V599 comes with an electric control system, a comprehensive user manual, and your choice of fabric from our Vitro and Metro color collections. Each component enhances the ease of use and personalization of your Ritzscreen® experience.

Social Proof:

  1. “Since installing the V599 Ritzscreen®, my living room feels larger and more sophisticated! The light control is amazing.” – Maria, Interior Designer
  2. “My large windows were always a challenge until I discovered the V599. Now, managing light is as easy as pressing a button!” – Tom, Architect
  3. “I was looking for a blend of function and style for my loft’s huge windows – the V599 Ritzscreen® was the answer. Highly recommended!” – Sofia, Artist
  4. “The ability to choose the fabric’s color allowed me to match my screens to my interior design perfectly. They look sleek and classy.” – Luke, Homeowner
  5. “V599 has turned my large windows from a problem into a feature. Quality and performance exceed expectations. I love it!” – Ella, Photographer


  1. Q: What are the dimensions of the V599 Ritzscreen®?
    A: The V599 can cover windows up to 4 meters wide and 6 meters high.

  2. Q: How do I control the Ritzscreen®?

  3. A: The Ritzscreen® V599 is equipped with an electronic control system for easy and quick operation.

  4. Q: Can I choose the color of my Ritzscreen® V599?
    A: Absolutely! You can select from our extensive Vitro and Metro color collections to match your décor.

  5. Q: How does the Ritzscreen® blend with my interior design?
    A: The Ritzscreen® V599 features slim guides that offer a refined and modern look, seamlessly blending with any interior aesthetic.

  6. Q: Is the Ritzscreen® V599 suitable for large windows?
    A: Yes, the Ritzscreen® V599 is designed to cover large windows, with a maximum width of 4m and height of 6m.

  7. Q: What comes with my purchase of a Ritzscreen® V599?
    A: Along with the Ritzscreen® itself, you’ll receive an electric control system, a user manual, and your chosen fabric from our Vitro and Metro color collections.

  8. Q: How durable is the Ritzscreen® V599?
    A: As a product in the trusted Ritzscreen® range, the V599 offers exceptional durability and premium quality.

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