Reduce heat, cold and energy

Solar-powered roller shutters

With solar powered roller shutters, you’re choosing sustainability. The roller shutters add an insulating layer to your windows, giving you more control over the room temperature in summer and winter. And because they’re solar-powered, you’ll save energy when you use them.

Discover all the benefits of solar powered roller shutters

Solar powered roller shutters are a dynamic and multifunctional solution for your home. Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep thanks to their darkening and soundproofing properties. With the insulating slats of solar powered roller shutters, you can keep out the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

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Roller shutters to suit your needs

Verano® roller shutters are custom-made to work optimally and to match the design of your home. With bespoke roller shutters, we ensure that you get all the benefits.

Solar powered control

Control your roller shutters with the power of the sun! The solar panel mounted on the shutter housing charges the battery when it’s exposed to daylight. Even better, solar-powered roller shutters don’t need to be connected to the mains.

A solar powered roller shutter is equipped with a battery and a solar panel. As the shutter’s battery is charged by the sun, it does not need to be connected to the mains. This avoids additional installation costs.

The average price of a solar powered roller shutter is slightly higher than that of a standard remote controlled roller shutter. However, as installation generally requires less effort and time, the installation cost of solar-powered options can also be lower.

Solar powered roller shutters are multi-functional products and have many benefits. Not only do they provide an extra layer of insulation in front of your windows, but they can also darken entire rooms, block out outside noise and provide protection from burglars and nosy neighbours.

The advantages of a solar motor are

  • No extra holes to drill
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No need to connect to the grid
  • Save on energy costs

The maximum sizes of a Verano® roller shutter are

Maximum width: 300 cm

Maximum depth: 400 cm

Roller shutters are powered by a motor and can be controlled by a switch, remote control or your smartphone. It is also possible to open and close your roller shutters at pre-programmed times.

Solar powered roller shutters are equipped with a battery and a solar panel. The solar panel converts the sun’s rays into energy, which is then stored in the battery. The stored energy is then used when you retract the vertical blind.

As the motor is powered by solar energy, there is no need to connect to the mains.

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