Roller shutter V020 – Elegant

Roller shutter V020 – Elegant is a great product for darkening your room. And of all our roller shutters, this one has the most elegant design – hence the name. Thanks to its small case, it has a minimal impact on the design of your home, yet it can cover even the largest windows. 15 standard profile colours are also available for this product.


Max. width 3000 mm
Max. height 4000 mm
Control Manual or electric
Shutter weight 2.79 [kg/m2]
*Excluding measuring and installation costs

Sublime Elegance Meets Supreme Functionality in our Roller Shutter V020

“Effortlessly transforming your living space into a private haven, our Roller Shutter V020 boasts an exquisite design, high functionality, and energy efficiency.”


  • Uncompromising style: A delicate balance of grace and sophistication, it enhances your home’s aesthetic without compromising on style.
  • Impressive coverage: With maximum width and height of 3000mm and 4000mm respectively, it suits even the most extensive windows.
  • User-friendly control: Choose between manual or electric control as per your convenience.
  • Customizable color options: Pick from a range of 15 standard profile colours, matching your interior decor.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy: Weighing just 2.79kg/m2, our shutter is light but made to last.


  • Minimalist design: Its small case fits seamlessly into your home decor, while providing the benefit of effective darkening.
  • Superior light control: The Roller Shutter V020 brings the benefit of personalized light control at your fingertips.
  • Broad compatibility: With a maximum size of 3000mm by 4000mm, this shutter suits any window size, offering universal applicability.
  • Choice of operation: Whether you prefer manual or electric control, the benefit is a shutter that works just the way you like.
  • Variety of colours: Offering a choice of 15 standard profile colours, this shutter will blend with and accentuate any decor style.

What’s Included:
The Roller Shutter V020 comes complete with manual or electric control system. The benefit? Full control over your room’s light and privacy.

Social Proof:

  • “The Roller Shutter V020 has truly transformed my living room. The light control is phenomenal.” – Emma, New York
  • “Finally, a shutter that fits my large windows perfectly. A big thumbs up to the Roller Shutter V020.” – Chris, Chicago
  • “The variety of colour options is a winner. It complements my decor so well.” – Sophia, Los Angeles
  • “I love how it’s so lightweight but still sturdy. A great buy.” – Jason, Seattle
  • “The blend of elegance and functionality is unmatched. Highly recommended.” – Lily, San Francisco


  1. Can I install the Roller Shutter V020 on any window size? Yes, it fits any window size up to a maximum of 3000mm width and 4000mm height.
  2. Is it easy to operate? Yes, you can choose between a manual or electric control system for ease of operation.
  3. What does the package include? The package includes the Roller Shutter V020 along with your preferred control system.
  4. Can I choose a colour to match my decor? Yes, you can pick from our 15 standard profile colours.
  5. How much does it weigh? The shutter weighs 2.79kg/m2, making it lightweight yet sturdy.
  6. Is the installation cost included? No, the cost is exclusive of measuring and installation charges.
  7. Is it durable? Yes, despite its lightweight design, it’s made to last, providing long-term value.
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