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Sliding walls

Do you enjoy spending as much of your free time as possible outdoors with your friends and family? Of course, it would be great if you didn’t have to be so dependent on the weather, so that wind and rain didn’t interfere with your day! And to be able to enjoy the outdoors in the winter and autumn months, not just in the summer. A cosy winter barbecue with friends, or a Sunday morning breakfast outside with the whole family, fantastic!

Spend more time in your garden room

You can also enjoy a lovely cool day on your patio by adding glass walls to your patio awning or louvered roof. Sliding walls let in daylight while creating a sheltered area. Want a breeze on a hot summer’s day? Open your sliding wall. You will use your patio more often with the shelter provided by the sliding walls under your patio awning, patio roof or louvered roof.

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Glass walls and sliding frames can be added to verandas and louvered roofs. This gives your covered patio extra protection from the rain and wind.

Glass walls and sliding frames can be opened and closed. This means you can easily regulate the temperature under your patio roof or louvered roof. Not only are you better protected from the rain and wind, but glass walls and sliding walls also give you more privacy on your patio.

Are you planning to add more protection from the wind and rain to your covered patio? Glass walls and sliding walls can be added to both Verano® and non-Verano® roofs.

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