V780 – Jondal gable frame

The Jondal gable frame is a seal with a polycarbonate filling and is suitable for sealing sloping sides or cracks over fences. This makes it easy to make your terrace awning windproof.


Max. depth gable frame 4 m
Max. height gable frame 1 m
Type of filling Polycarbonate 16 mm
Extra Self-assembly package

The Remarkable Efficiency of the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame: Ensuring Windproof Comfort on Your Terrace

Life outside should be a breeze, quite literally. However, when the wind gets a little too eager, it’s time to think about windproof solutions. If you’re in this situation, we might have just what you need: the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame.

Overview: What is the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame?

The V780 – Jondal Gable Frame is more than a simple accessory for your terrace. It’s an exceptional seal with a polycarbonate filling. But what’s the real deal here? It’s how superbly it works in sealing sloping sides or even cracks over fences.

Creating Windproof Spaces

Making your terrace awning windproof has never been simpler. If you’ve ever felt the discomfort of a constant gust of wind while enjoying a quiet evening on your terrace, then the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame can be a game-changer for you.

The Magic of Polycarbonate

Why polycarbonate, you ask? For one, it’s known for its durability and resistance to varying weather conditions. It’s practically designed to be robust and efficient.

Specifications of the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame

How does this wonder product fare on the technical front? Let’s delve into its specifications.

The Depths and Heights

The maximum depth of the gable frame stands at 4 meters. This provides substantial coverage for large outdoor spaces. Moreover, the frame extends to a maximum height of 1 meter, ensuring comprehensive wind protection from all directions.

The Polycarbonate Filling

The type of filling used in this gable frame is a 16 mm polycarbonate. This material strikes a great balance between strength and flexibility, which is crucial in windproofing applications.

Additional Features: The Self-Assembly Package

The V780 – Jondal Gable Frame comes with an additional feature, the self-assembly package. This feature makes installation a breeze. And, if you are a DIY enthusiast, then this product is a match made in heaven for you!

Your Perfect Windproof Solution: The V780 – Jondal Gable Frame

In a world where comfort and practicality meet, we have the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame. It’s not just about windproofing your terrace. It’s about enhancing your outdoor experience, taking back control from the whims of weather, and enjoying the bliss of open spaces with loved ones. With its robust build, easy assembly, and superior performance, it truly is the perfect windproof solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the maximum size that the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame can cover? The frame can cover a maximum depth of 4 meters and a maximum height of 1 meter.

2) What type of material is used in the filling of the gable frame? The filling of the frame is made from 16mm polycarbonate, known for its strength and flexibility.

3) Is the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame easy to install? Absolutely! The frame comes with a self-assembly package which makes the installation process quite simple.

4) Can the V780 – Jondal Gable Frame withstand different weather conditions? Yes, the polycarbonate filling makes it capable of withstanding different weather conditions.

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