Sheltered from the wind


You have decided to work from home today. The weather is fine, so your terrace will be your office for the day. Suddenly there is a strong gust of wind. You’re annoyed that all your paperwork is now all over the garden! This problem is a thing of the past with our windscreens. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor time early in the year without being bothered by the wind!

A long season in the garden

Windscreens are ideal for individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors, especially during the transition periods between seasons. They offer a variety of benefits that can enhance the outdoor experience. One of the primary advantages of installing windscreens is that it creates the perfect solution to enable individuals to enjoy the great outdoors earlier in the season and for extended periods during the year. Wind chill is often a significant deterrent from enjoying outdoor spaces, but windscreens are specially designed to create wind-free zones in gardens, patios or any other outdoor space.

Moreover, our windscreens are customisable, allowing for complete control over the design. With a variety of glass types, frame colours and designs to choose from, the installation process can be tailored in line with unique preferences and needs. From contemporary to traditional aesthetics, all types of design are accommodated, meaning that irrespective of style preference, every individual can enjoy the benefits of a perfectly designed windscreen installation.

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