V785 – Serena glass wall

The Serena glass wall is ideal for permanently closing off one side of your awning. This ensures that the climate under your awning is even more comfortable. Finally, a gabled glass wall is ideal for the space between the roof of your awning and the fence.


Max. width glass wall 5 m
Max. height glass wall 3,2 m
Type of filling Polycarbonate 16 mm or glas 44.2
Extra Straight or slope

Transform Your Awning Space with the Serena Glass Wall!

Experience a more comfortable outdoor space with the Serena Glass Wall, the perfect way to enhance the functionality and atmosphere of your awning while maintaining an open feel.


  • Uninterrupted Views: With our clear Serena Glass Wall, enjoy your garden view without the intrusion of wind or noise.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Control your awning’s climate, making it a cozy outdoor refuge in all seasons.
  • Durability: Constructed with sturdy polycarbonate or glass, the Serena Glass Wall stands firm against weather extremes.
  • Versatility: Serena Glass Wall adapts to your space needs, perfect for straight or sloped arrangements.
  • Extra Space: By enclosing one side of your awning, gain additional usable space for relaxation or socializing.


  • Maximum Dimension: Our Serena Glass Wall comes in a maximum width of 5 m and a height of 3.2 m, accommodating a wide range of awnings. Enjoy the vast expanse it provides!
  • Material Selection: Choose from robust 16 mm Polycarbonate or 44.2 glass. Each option offers durability and clear views, enhancing your outdoor living experience.
  • Design Flexibility: Choose from straight or sloped configurations to perfectly match your existing awning, adding style and functionality.
  • Category: Serena Glass Wall falls under our Sliding Walls category, a testament to its seamless integration and ease of use.
  • Quality Assurance: The Serena Glass Wall is a top-tier product in our lineup, reflecting our commitment to high-quality and well-engineered products.

What’s Included:
With every Serena Glass Wall purchase, you’ll receive a comprehensive installation guide, and all necessary mounting hardware. Making your awning transformation easy and hassle-free.

Social Proof:

  • “The Serena Glass Wall added so much charm to our garden, it’s our new favorite place.” – Laura H.
  • “Weather changes are no longer a problem, we’re enjoying our awning all year round.” – Mike D.
  • “Very impressed by the durability of the Serena Glass Wall. It still looks as good as new after a year.” – Patricia M.
  • “The installation was a breeze, and it fits perfectly with our sloped awning.” – Stephen K.
  • “Love the extra space we’ve gained. It’s perfect for our family barbecues.” – Angela S.


  1. Is the Serena Glass Wall easy to install?
    • Yes, each purchase includes a comprehensive guide and all necessary hardware.
  2. Can it withstand severe weather conditions?
    • Absolutely. The robust Polycarbonate or glass options ensure durability in various weather conditions.
  3. Will it block my garden view?
    • No, the clear wall enhances your view while providing a shield against wind and noise.
  4. What if I have a sloped awning?
    • Serena Glass Wall comes in both straight and sloped configurations to fit your needs.
  5. What are the dimensions of the wall?
    • The maximum width is 5 m and the height is 3.2 m.
  6. Is the wall movable or fixed?
    • The wall is designed to be a permanent addition to your awning, adding a secure, fixed boundary.
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