V490 – Palermo

The V490 – Palermo, with which you can shade the largest terraces. This folding arm awning has a maximum width of 14m and is therefore also interesting for catering.


Type Cassette awning
Max. width 14000 mm
Max. depth 4000 mm
Control Electric
Profile colour white, anthracite, black
excluding measurement and installation costs

Transform Your Terrace with V490-Palermo’s Elegant Shade

Indulge in the cool, calming comfort under V490-Palermo’s foldable arm awning. Purpose-built for expansive terraces in hospitality establishments, our awnings bring a sophisticated blend of functionality and aesthetics.


  • Extended Coverage: With a maximum width of 14m, V490-Palermo’s awning guarantees wide-reaching shade, ensuring your guests stay cool and content.
  • Automated Convenience: Thanks to our electric control system, adjusting the awning is a breeze, leaving you more time to focus on your patrons.
  • Stylish Choices: Available in chic white, anthracite, and black colors, our awnings effortlessly match and elevate your existing décor.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with robust materials, our awnings promise long-lasting performance even under challenging weather conditions.
  • Dual Functionality: Not just a shade provider, the V490-Palermo awning also offers significant sun protection, making outdoor dining a safe and enjoyable experience.


  • Maximum Reach: Our awnings extend up to a maximum depth of 4000 mm, providing broad shade coverage – perfect for hosting large gatherings under the sun.
  • Effortless Control: Our electric control system ensures a smooth and quick adjustment of the awning, enhancing convenience and functionality for the user.
  • Color Options: Whether you prefer the clean look of white, the modernity of anthracite, or the classic appeal of black, we’ve got you covered, literally and figuratively.
  • Sun Protection: The V490-Palermo doesn’t only provide shade but also acts as a sun shield, adding a layer of protection to your outdoor dining experience.
  • High-Quality Build: V490-Palermo’s robust build ensures resilience against harsh weather conditions, thus promising a product that stands the test of time and usage.

What’s Included: Your V490-Palermo awning comes with a pre-installed electric control system and a detailed installation guide. You’ll also receive our exclusive maintenance manual to help ensure the awning’s longevity and top-notch performance.

Social Proof:

  • “I installed V490-Palermo at my café, and our patrons love the added comfort of the shaded terrace.” – Samantha, Café Owner
  • “With the electric control system, adjusting the awning has never been easier!” – Mike, Restaurant Manager
  • “The black awning perfectly complements my bar’s aesthetic. I couldn’t be happier!” – Jeff, Bar Owner
  • “The sun protection is a real bonus. Now my customers can enjoy their meals outdoors without worry.” – Lisa, Bistro Owner
  • “The V490-Palermo has stood strong through heavy winds and hot summers. It’s definitely worth the investment.” – Danny, Pub Owner


  1. How difficult is the V490-Palermo awning to install?
    • With the included detailed installation guide, you should have no problem. However, professional installation is recommended for safety and best performance.
  2. Can the electric control system handle rainy weather?
    • Yes, the electric control system is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions.
  3. Does the color of the awning fade over time?
    • Our awnings are designed with high-quality color-fast materials that resist fading over time.
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