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Smartfit Pro Copy Aluminium blinds are perfect for any room in your home. When closed, the aluminium reflects the sunlight and blocks out the heat, keeping the interior beautifully cool and dark. When open, the light reflection allows natural light into the home, making it feel warmer. In short, you can always enjoy comfortable temperatures!


Min – Max width 300 mm – 3000 mm
Min – Max height 250 mm – 3250 mm
Electrical operation Optional
Unroll side Standard of Contra

Experience Ultimate Climate Control with Smartfit Pro Aluminium Blinds

Transform any room in your house into an oasis of comfort with Smartfit Pro Aluminium Blinds. Perfect for those who value a perfect balance of natural light and temperature control in their spaces.


  • Innovative Climate Control: With Smartfit Pro Aluminium Blinds, regulate your room’s temperature effortlessly. Closed blinds reflect sunlight, maintaining a cool interior even on hot days.
  • Control Natural Light: Open blinds reflect natural light into the room, providing a warm, inviting ambience.
  • Universal Design: Our blinds are perfect for any room size, thanks to the wide range of dimensions available.
  • Optional Electrical Operation: For those who seek convenience, our blinds come with an optional electrical operation feature.
  • Durability: Crafted from aluminium, these blinds are designed to stand the test of time, offering superior durability and long-lasting beauty.


  • Reflective Aluminium: The reflective aluminium material not only offers a sleek look but also provides significant thermal benefits, offering a cooler interior.
  • Wide Dimension Range: With a minimum width of 300mm to a maximum of 3000mm, and a minimum height of 250mm to a maximum of 3250mm, our blinds are adaptable to different window sizes.
  • Electrical Operation: The optional electrical operation allows for easy, remote control of your blinds, offering comfort at your fingertips.
  • Unroll Side Options: The blinds offer standard and contra unroll sides for added flexibility and convenience.
  • Venetian Style: The Venetian style adds a sophisticated touch to your interiors while offering optimum light control and privacy.

What’s Included: Smartfit Pro Aluminium Blinds come with all necessary installation hardware and an optional electrical operation system.

Social Proof:

  1. “The Smartfit Pro Aluminium Blinds have completely transformed my living room. It stays cool even in peak summer!” – Laura, Texas.
  2. “I love the natural light control these blinds provide. My home office is more comfortable than ever.” – Steven, California.
  3. “These blinds are a perfect match for my oversized windows. Their size range is impressive!” – Mia, Florida.
  4. “The optional electrical operation feature is a lifesaver. Adjusting blinds has never been easier!” – David, New York.
  5. “I am impressed with their durability. They still look as good as new after a year!” – Olivia, Georgia.


  1. Q: What is the size range of the Smartfit Pro Aluminium Blinds?
    A: The blinds come in a width range of 300mm – 3000mm and a height range of 250mm – 3250mm.

  2. Q: Do the blinds come with an electrical operation system?
    A: Yes, an optional electrical operation system is available.

  3. Q: What are the unroll side options?
    A: The blinds offer standard and contra unroll sides.

  4. Q: What is the benefit of the aluminium material?
    A: The reflective aluminium helps to regulate room temperature by reflecting sunlight and blocking out heat.

  5. Q: Can I install the blinds in any room?
    A: Yes, the Smartfit Pro Aluminium Blinds are designed to be versatile and can be installed in any room.

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