Pleated blind

A pleated blind is a subtle form of window covering. A pleated blind slides in and out easily due to the pleated fabric. You can easily decide how much of a view you want to allow into your home, as pleated blinds can be slid down from the top (top down). Another great advantage of pleated blinds is that they can be adapted to suit almost any situation. For example, it’s incredibly easy to cover bottom-hung and top-hung windows.


Min – Max width 60 cm – 3 m
Min – Max hight 1 m – 2,6 m
Control Manuel or electric

Control Your View, Enhance Your Comfort: Premium Pleated Blinds

Transform your space with our adaptable, high-quality pleated blinds, offering seamless adjustability for perfect light and privacy balance – a delightful interior upgrade.


  • Versatile Adjustability: Pleated blinds provide complete control over how much light and view you want, making them perfect for any room setting.
  • Universal Fit: Pleated blinds can be adapted to virtually any window size, making it an ideal choice for diverse window dimensions.
  • Convenience at Hand: Whether manual or electric, our blinds give you effortless control, sliding in and out smoothly with the slightest touch.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Slide your blinds down from the top for maximum privacy while still allowing a pleasing amount of light.
  • Stylish Upgrade: Besides their functional benefits, pleated blinds add a contemporary, clean aesthetic to your home or office space.


  • Wide Range of Sizes: With a minimum width of 60 cm up to a maximum of 3 m, and a height ranging from 1 m to 2.6 m, these blinds will suit almost any window. This wide range of sizes adds versatility to your interior design.
  • Simple Control Mechanism: Choose between manual or electric controls for your convenience, each ensuring a smooth operation. This feature saves time and prevents wear and tear on your blinds.
  • Top-Down Functionality: The unique top-down feature allows you to adjust the level of privacy and light exposure, delivering a tailored experience in every room.
  • Pleated Design: The pleated fabric not only provides a modern look but also facilitates smooth sliding. This design feature enhances ease of use and increases longevity.
  • Fit for All Windows: Be it bottom-hung or top-hung windows, our pleated blinds provide a perfect fit, offering flexibility in installation. This adaptability caters to varied architectural designs.

What’s Included:
Each order comes with one set of pleated blinds in the size of your choice, complete with a manual or electric control mechanism. Each pleated blind set is easy to install, promising a quick and straightforward upgrade to your home’s aesthetics and function.

Social Proof:

  • “These blinds have completely transformed our living room. We can control light perfectly.” – Jane D.
  • “Installation was a breeze! They fit perfectly and add a modern touch to my home.” – Mike S.
  • “The top-down functionality is a game-changer. Great for privacy!” – Lisa R.
  • “The electric control option is superb. It’s never been easier to adjust my blinds.” – Alan T.
  • “The pleated design is stylish and operates smoothly. I highly recommend these blinds.” – Kathy L.


1. Q: Can these blinds fit any window size?
A: Our blinds have a wide range from 60 cm to 3 m in width and 1 m to 2.6 m in height, making them suitable for most windows.

2. Q: How difficult is the installation process?
A: Each blind set comes with clear instructions for easy installation. No professional help required.

3. Q: What type of control mechanisms are available?
A: You can choose between manual or electric control mechanisms, both providing a smooth operation.

4. Q: Can I control the level of light and privacy?
A: Absolutely. The top-down functionality of our blinds allows you to adjust both light and

  1. Can I choose the control type after the purchase?
    • You’ll need to choose between manual or electric control during the purchase.
  2. Are the aluminium slats easy to clean?
    • Yes, their aluminium composition makes them easy to clean and maintain.
  3. What if my window dimensions are unique?
    • Our slats are highly customizable and can fit a wide range of window sizes.
  4. Do these slats block light completely?
    • They’re designed to give you control over light penetration, but complete blackout is dependent on the slat size chosen.
  5. Do the slats come with a warranty?
    • Yes, they come with a warranty.
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