Venetian Roller Blind Three

Our roller blind fabrics are available in translucent, transparent and blackout. This allows you to choose a fabric colour that will fulfil your preferred blind function. With literally dozens of different fabric colours to choose from, you can always be sure that your product will match your current interior perfectly.


Min – Max width 60 cm – 2,8 m
Min – Max height 60 cm – 3 m
Control Manual or electric
Optional Cassette round or square

Elevate your Space with our Versatile Venetian Roller Blind Three

Immerse in a world of style, convenience, and privacy with our customizable Venetian Roller Blind Three, designed to match every interior and meet all your needs.


  • Stunning Versatility: Available in a variety of fabric options from translucent, transparent to blackout, each offering a different level of light filtration and privacy.
  • Color Harmony: With an extensive range of colors, our blinds seamlessly blend into your interior, creating a harmonious aesthetic.
  • Tailored to Fit: Choose from our broad scale of sizes to find the perfect match for any window in your home or office.
  • Effortless Operation: Offered in both manual and electric controls for smooth and easy adjustments to your preference.
  • Stylish Add-ons: Optional square or round cassette gives an additional aesthetic touch to match your style.


  • Wide Range of Sizes: With widths from 60cm to 2.8m and heights from 60cm to 3m, the Venetian Roller Blind Three ensures every window gets a perfect fit, enhancing your room’s charm.
  • Manual or Electric Control: Opt for convenience with the user-friendly manual or the sleek electric control. Your comfort is our priority.
  • Multiple Fabric Choices: Choose from translucent, transparent, or blackout fabric for the optimal level of light and privacy tailored to your needs.
  • Optional Cassette Design: Choose between a round or square cassette to complement your unique interior style and add an extra dash of elegance.
  • Array of Colors: Pick the perfect color from our vast selection that complements your space and uplifts its aesthetic appeal.

What’s Included:

The Venetian Roller Blind Three comes with your selected fabric and color, preferred size, choice of control (manual or electric), optional cassette design, and a comprehensive installation guide.

Social Proof:

  1. “These blinds transformed my living room. The blackout option is perfect for movie nights!” – Emma, Interior Designer
  2. “The electric control is so convenient. Love how it fits my windows perfectly.” – Josh, Homeowner
  3. “I picked a color that matches my office perfectly. It adds an elegant touch to the workspace.” – Alison, Architect
  4. “The optional square cassette gives a modern vibe to my room. Highly recommend it!” – Harry, Student
  5. “These blinds are a great investment! Easy to install and operate. Very satisfied.” – Mia, New homeowner


  1. Q: Can I customize the size of the blinds?
    A: Yes, you can customize the size within the range of 60cm to 2.8m in width and 60cm to 3m in height.

  2. Q: Do you provide an installation guide?
    A: Absolutely, we provide a comprehensive installation guide with the product.

  3. Q: Can I choose the level of light filtration?
    A: Yes, we offer three fabric choices – translucent, transparent, and blackout, each providing a different level of light filtration.

  4. Q: Is the electric control hard to use?
    A: Not at all! Our electric control is user-friendly, allowing for easy adjustments.

  5. Q: Can I pick a color that matches my interior?
    A: Definitely! We offer a wide range of colors to ensure your blind perfectly complements your space.

  6. Q: What is the benefit of the optional cassette design?
    A: The optional cassette adds a touch of elegance to the blinds, and you can choose between a round or square design to suit your aesthetic preference.

  7. Q: How easy are the blinds to operate?
    A: Very easy! You can choose from either manual or electric control for convenient operation according to your preference.

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