Fabric slats

The fabric slats collection includes fabrics with varying degrees of transparency, from clear to semi-transparent and darkening plus. This allows you to control the amount of light or dark in your home.


Min – Max width 1000 mm – 6000 mm
Min – Max height 1000 mm – 3000 mm
Widths 89 mm | 127 mm
Control Manual or electric

Fabric Slats: The Ultimate Light Control for Your Home

Our diverse Fabric Slats collection offers you tailored light control, transforming any room into your personal haven. Choose your ambience with clear, semi-transparent, and darkening options.


  1. Absolute Control: With varying degrees of transparency, our fabric slats offer you total command over your room’s lighting.
  2. Versatile Designs: From crystal clear to semi-transparent and darkening plus, we provide a design that perfectly suits your style and light preference.
  3. Customizable Sizes: With a width range of 1000mm to 6000mm, and height between 1000mm and 3000mm, our fabric slats fit into your specific room dimensions effortlessly.
  4. Easy Control Options: Be it manual or electric, our fabric slats can be controlled easily and efficiently.
  5. Stylish Yet Functional: A perfect blend of style and functionality, our fabric slats enhance your room’s aesthetic appeal while serving a critical purpose.


  1. Varying Degrees of Transparency: Our fabric slats come in clear, semi-transparent, and darkening plus. This diversity allows you to set the mood of your space with ease.
  2. Custom Widths: Choose from widths of 89mm or 127mm to find the perfect fit for your window, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.
  3. Manual or Electric Control: Our fabric slats are available with manual or electric controls, offering you the convenience to choose according to your comfort and lifestyle.
  4. Wide Range of Sizes: With a broad range of sizes from 1000mm to 6000mm in width and 1000mm to 3000mm in height, our fabric slats cater to all room sizes, making them a perfect fit for any space.
  5. Quality Fabric: Made from premium fabric, these slats promise durability and longevity, ensuring that they remain a part of your home for a long time.

What’s Included: Each Fabric Slats purchase includes your chosen style of fabric slat with your preferred degree of transparency, the control type (manual or electric), and a set of installation instructions for easy setup. All these components ensure an enhanced and convenient light-controlling experience.

Social Proof:

  1. “The Fabric Slats transformed my living room! Love the control over light they provide.” – Jane D.
  2. “These slats are fantastic. The size fits perfectly, and the electric control is so convenient!” – Mike R.
  3. “I purchased the darkening slats for my home theater, and they’re just perfect. Highly recommend!” – Linda S.
  4. “Great product. The semi-transparent slats add such a soft, warm light to my room.” – Brian T.
  5. “The fabric is top-quality. After a year, they still look new.” – Amy G.


  1. Q: Can I customize the size of the fabric slats?
    A: Yes, our fabric slats can be customized to a width of 1000mm to 6000mm, and height of 1000mm to 3000mm.
  2. Q: Do you offer installation services?
    A: We provide comprehensive installation instructions with every purchase. However, we currently do not offer installation services.
  3. Q: Can I choose between manual and electric controls?
    A: Absolutely, you can choose
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