V875 – Belluno

The Belluno is a commercial grade canopy with a glass roof. This roof is equipped with integrated sunshade, so that the roof fulfills your outdoor living needs. The Belluno is winner of the Red Dot Award 2022, thanks to the exterior design and innovative functionalities.


Max. width 4250 mm
Max. depth 6000 mm
Control Electric
Extras LED-lighting possible
Installation Freestanding, attached to façade or integrated
*excluding measurement and installation costs

Elevate Outdoor Living with Belluno’s Award-Winning Canopy

Combining innovative functionalities with striking design, the Belluno Canopy creates an unparalleled outdoor space, tailor-made for those who appreciate the seamless blend of style and comfort.


  • Red Dot Award Winner: Stand out with an acclaimed design that enhances your space while offering optimal utility.
  • Integrated Sunshade: Manage your exposure to sunlight, ensuring your outdoor space is always comfortable.
  • Large Dimensions: With a maximum width of 4250 mm and depth of 6000 mm, the Belluno canopy provides ample coverage for your outdoor living area.
  • Electric Control: Control your environment with ease and convenience at your fingertips.
  • Customizable Lighting Options: Illuminate your space with optional LED-lighting, allowing for outdoor enjoyment at any time of day.


  • Commercial Grade Construction: Built to last, offering durability and reliable performance. Enhance your space with professional-grade quality.
  • Glass Roof Design: The unique design feature offers an attractive aesthetic while maintaining the practical functionality of shelter.
  • Flexible Installation: Can be freestanding, attached to a facade, or integrated into your existing structure, offering versatility to suit your needs.
  • Electric Control System: Efficient and easy to use, providing effortless control over your outdoor environment.
  • Optional LED-Lighting: Customize your experience with integrated lighting, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

What’s Included:
The Belluno Canopy comes complete with an integrated sunshade, electric control system, and options for LED lighting, offering a comprehensive solution for your outdoor living needs.

Social Proof:

  1. “The Belluno Canopy transformed our outdoor space. Now we can enjoy it no matter the weather.” – Sarah, California
  2. “Superb design and functionality! It’s the perfect addition to our restaurant patio.” – John, New York
  3. “We love the convenience of the electric controls. It’s never been easier to enjoy our outdoor area.” – Emily, Florida
  4. “The optional LED lighting really sets the mood for our evening gatherings. Couldn’t be happier!” – David, Texas
  5. “The integrated sunshade is a game changer. We can now enjoy sunny days without the heat.” – Kate, Arizona


  1. Q: How large is the Belluno Canopy?
    A: The maximum width is 4250 mm and the depth is 6000 mm.

  2. Q: Is it easy to control the sunshade?
    A: Absolutely! The canopy features an electric control system for easy operation.

  3. Q: Can the Belluno Canopy be installed anywhere?
    A: Yes, the canopy is flexible and can be freestanding, attached to a facade, or integrated into existing structures.

  4. Q: Does the canopy come with lighting?
    A: The canopy offers optional LED lighting to enhance your outdoor space.

  5. Q: How durable is the Belluno Canopy?
    A: The canopy is commercial-grade and designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

  6. Q: Is the canopy customizable?
    A: Yes, you can choose to add LED lighting and decide on the installation method that best suits your space.

  7. Q: What is the Red Dot Award?
    A: The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognized product design award, given for innovation and aesthetic appeal.

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