V904 – Ledro

Ledro terrace roofing is not for nothing the most popular roofing from the Verano® series. The size of the profiles is proportionally beautiful, this ensures that this roofing will look good in an enormous number of gardens. The choice of polycarbonate or glass roof makes the possibilities endless.


Max. width patio awning 5500 m
Max. depth patio awning 5000 mm
Roof plates Polycarbonate 16mm, glass 44.2 or glass 55.2
Extra LED-lightning possible

Experience Outdoors Redefined with Ledro Terrace Roofing!

Elevate your garden aesthetics with Ledro, the most sought-after roofing from Verano® series. Enjoy the serenity of the outdoors with endless roofing possibilities.


  • Expand Your Living Space: With Ledro, your garden is transformed into an additional living area to enjoy all year round.
  • Aesthetic Pleasure: Proportional profiles of Ledro enhances the visual appeal of any garden.
  • Material Choices: Choose from polycarbonate or glass roof to suit your preferences.
  • Impeccable Quality: High-end materials promise longevity and optimal performance.
  • Personalized Lighting: Opt for additional LED-lighting to create the perfect evening ambience.


  • Spacious Design: With a maximum width of 5500mm and depth of 5000mm, Ledro offers ample coverage for any patio.
  • High-Quality Roof Plates: Select from 16mm Polycarbonate, 44.2 Glass, or 55.2 Glass—each designed to enhance the beauty of your outdoors.
  • LED-Lighting Option: Add an extra layer of sophistication with optional LED-lighting, transforming your space into a cozy night-time retreat.
  • Category and Tags: Listed under ‘Verandas’, Ledro’s popularity is evident in its associated tags: ledro, Semi-cassette awning, v904, verandas.
  • Versatility: Designed to complement a multitude of garden styles and layouts, Ledro roofing embodies universal appeal.

What’s Included:
You’ll receive your selected Ledro Terrace Roofing, installation instructions, and an optional LED-lighting kit for that perfect evening glow.

Social Proof:

  • “Ledro transformed my garden into a versatile space! Simply the best investment.” – Laura, Landscape Architect
  • “We adore the Ledro’s optional LED-lighting. It’s a game-changer for our evening gatherings!” – John and Karen, Homeowners
  • “It’s been a year and Ledro’s quality is still unbeatable. Best choice for any garden!” – Martin, Property Developer
  • “The glass roofing option was perfect for my succulent garden. 5 stars to Ledro!” – Maria, Botanist
  • “Installation was a breeze and it perfectly fits our garden. Highly recommended!” – Alex, DIY Enthusiast


  1. What’s the maximum size of Ledro Terrace Roofing?
    • The maximum width is 5500mm and the depth is 5000mm.
  2. What roofing material options are available?
    • You can choose from Polycarbonate 16mm, Glass 44.2, or Glass 55.2.
  3. Is it possible to add LED-lighting to the roofing?
    • Yes, there is an option to include LED-lighting.
  4. What’s included with my purchase of Ledro Terrace Roofing?
    • You’ll receive the Ledro Terrace Roofing, installation instructions, and optional LED-lighting kit.
  5. Is the Ledro Terrace Roofing difficult to install?
    • Ledro Terrace Roofing comes with detailed instructions for easy installation.
  6. Is the Ledro suitable for all kinds of gardens?
    • Yes, Ledro’s design is versatile and complements a multitude of garden styles.
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