The Lugano patio umbrella has a sturdy aluminium construction and uses a sunscreen to keep the sun out. This makes the Lugano particularly suitable for catering establishments. An optional mist system can be integrated to cool the temperature of a patio by up to 12 degrees.


Max. width 7 m
Max. depth 4 m
Roof plates Fabric
Extra Misting installation possible

Stay Cool and Classy with the Lugano Patio Umbrella!

Transform your outdoor space into a cozy oasis. Designed for sophisticated comfort and style, Lugano is your perfect companion for sunny afternoons.


  • Enjoy Extended Coverage: With a maximum width of 7m and depth of 4m, Lugano offers generous shade to protect you and your guests from the sun.
  • Stay Cool: Optional misting installation can cool your patio’s temperature by up to 12 degrees, keeping you comfortable even on the hottest days.
  • Robust Construction: The sturdy aluminum design ensures durability and stability in various weather conditions.
  • Perfect for Businesses: Ideal for restaurants and bars looking to provide guests with a comfortable outdoor dining experience.
  • Stylish Design: The elegant fabric roof plates enhance any outdoor décor, creating a sophisticated ambience.


  • Large Dimensions: The Lugano’s 7m width and 4m depth ensure wide coverage, providing ample shade for maximum comfort.
  • Misting Installation Option: This feature allows for a significant temperature drop, enhancing customer satisfaction on warm days.
  • Durable Aluminum Construction: The sturdy design guarantees long-lasting use and resists various weather elements, ensuring a worry-free outdoor setting.
  • Ideal for Catering Establishments: Restaurants and bars will find the Lugano umbrella a perfect addition to improve guests’ comfort and overall dining experience.
  • Fabric Roof Plates: These stylish plates not only protect you from the sun but also contribute to a sophisticated and inviting outdoor space.

What’s Included: The Lugano Patio Umbrella comes with a robust aluminum structure and stylish fabric roof plates. An optional misting system can be included to provide a refreshing environment during hot days.

Social Proof:

  • “The Lugano umbrella transformed our patio into a refreshing haven!” – Sarah, Restaurant Owner
  • “Even on the hottest days, the Lugano’s misting system keeps our customers cool and comfortable.” – John, Cafe Owner
  • “It’s durable and stylish! The Lugano has been a fantastic addition to our outdoor dining area.” – Emily, Bar Owner
  • “Our customers love the cooling effect from the misting installation. It’s a game-changer.” – Michael, Restaurant Manager
  • “The Lugano’s large coverage provides the perfect shade for our guests.” – Lisa, Hotel Manager


  1. What is the material of the Lugano patio umbrella? It has a sturdy aluminium construction with fabric roof plates.
  2. Can it withstand different weather conditions? Yes, the Lugano’s robust aluminum design ensures durability in various weather conditions.
  3. What’s the maximum coverage area? The maximum width is 7m, and the depth is 4m.
  4. Is the misting installation included? The misting installation is optional and can be included at an additional cost.
  5. How much can the misting installation lower the temperature? The optional misting system can cool the temperature of a patio by up to 12 degrees.
  6. Is the Lugano patio umbrella suitable for my restaurant? Absolutely, the Lugano is designed with restaurants and bars in mind, providing comfort and a stylish look to your outdoor area.
  7. What are the color options for the fabric roof plates? Please refer to the product page for the available color options.
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