V610 – Oslo

The Oslo conservatory awning acts as a blind at the top of your awning. It blocks out light and heat before it actually reaches your patio awning. The Oslo can cover an incredible width, making it suitable for virtually any type of awning.


Max. width 9 m
Max. depth 5 m
Type bediening Electric
Uitvoering Mounting on the top
Frame colour White, ivory, brownn of anthracite tex.

Experience Perfect Shade with the Oslo Conservatory Awning!

Rediscover outdoor comfort with the Oslo awning, the ideal patio accessory for those who value sun protection and aesthetic appeal. Its top-of-the-line technology shields you from excessive heat, allowing you to fully enjoy your outdoor space.


  • Uninterrupted Shade: The Oslo conservatory awning acts as a pre-emptive barrier, blocking light and heat before they reach your patio awning, ensuring a cool and pleasant environment.
  • Incredible Coverage: With a maximum width of 9 meters and a depth of 5 meters, the Oslo offers expansive shade to fit virtually any awning.
  • Electric Operation: Forget manual adjustments. The Oslo is electrically operated, offering convenient and effortless shading at the push of a button.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Available in white, ivory, brown, or anthracite tex, the Oslo not only provides shade but also enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space.
  • Adaptable Mounting: The Oslo mounts on top, a versatile design that allows it to adapt to any awning configuration.


  • Optimum Size: Measuring up to 9m in width and 5m in depth, the Oslo conservatory awning is large enough to cover most outdoor spaces. The benefits? More shade and more enjoyment for you.
  • Electric Operation: The Oslo is electrically controlled, making it easy to adjust the amount of shade you want. This feature offers you the benefit of comfort and convenience.
  • Multiple Color Options: Whether you prefer white, ivory, brown or anthracite tex, the Oslo conservatory awning comes in an array of colors to match your aesthetic preferences and enhance your outdoor decor.
  • Top Mounted: Its top-mounted design ensures efficient light and heat blocking for maximum comfort. The benefit? You get the perfect shading solution, tailor-made for your awning.
  • Generous Category: Falling under the conservatory awnings category, Oslo is the perfect solution for those looking to extend their living space outdoors. Its benefit? Offering a perfect balance of functional and aesthetic appeal.

What’s Included:
Each Oslo conservatory awning package comes complete with an electric operation system, a top mounting kit, and your choice of frame color. Enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive shading solution that caters to your every need.

Social Proof:

  1. “The Oslo awning has transformed our patio! We can now enjoy our outdoor space without the heat!” – Lisa M.
  2. “Love the electric operation. Adjusting the shade has never been easier!” – John D.
  3. “The Oslo perfectly complements our awning. It’s functional and looks great!” – Sarah T.
  4. “This awning is a game-changer. I love that it can cover such a large area.” – Mike R.
  5. “I’m amazed by how much cooler our patio is with the Oslo. Highly recommend!” – Emma S.


  1. What is the maximum size of the Oslo conservatory awning?
    The maximum size is 9m in width and 5m in depth.
  2. How is the Oslo awning operated?
    The Oslo awning is electrically operated for easy adjustment.
  3. What color options are available for the Oslo awning?
    The Oslo awning comes in white, ivory, brown, or anthracite tex.
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