V255 – Salou

The cassette of the sunroof Salou makes this design enormously popular. The complete protection of the cloth in the closed state ensures that the cloth remains untouched. In addition, the slim, drawn front bar and housing provide a stylish appearance.


Type scherm Semi-cassette scherm
Max. width 6 m
Max. depth 3 m
Type control Manuel or electric
Frame colours Tech. silver, ivory or anthracite tex.

Experience the Salou: Sophisticated Shade, Undeniably Elegant!

Unleash the ultimate in outdoor comfort with the V255 – Salou, a semi-cassette awning that flawlessly combines style with superior sun protection. Elevate your open-air experiences and indulge in exceptional elegance.


  • Exceptional Protection: The Salou sunroof cassette provides complete fabric coverage when closed, preserving the integrity and appearance of the cloth.
  • Distinctive Design: The slim front bar and sleek housing of the V255 – Salou adds a stylish flair to any exterior.
  • Expansive Coverage: With a maximum width of 6 meters and depth of 3 meters, the Salou provides ample shade for your outdoor relaxation.
  • Custom Control: Choose between manual or electric operation for personalized ease of use.
  • Color Options: Select from tech silver, ivory, or anthracite tex frame colors to perfectly match your aesthetic preferences.


  • Complete Cloth Protection: The enclosed sunroof cassette design protects your awning fabric from dust and damage, maintaining its pristine condition.
  • Stylish Exterior: The slim and neatly designed front bar and housing present an appealing aesthetic addition to your outdoor space.
  • Generous Shade Range: A wide reach of up to 6 meters in width and 3 meters in depth ensures you have the shade exactly where you need it.
  • Easy Operation: With options for manual or electric control, operating your awning is effortless, making it perfect for any lifestyle.
  • Customizable Colors: Choose from tech silver, ivory, or anthracite tex to align with your exterior design and personal style.

What’s Included:
Your purchase includes one V255 – Salou semi-cassette awning, equipped with either manual or electric control, in your choice of tech silver, ivory, or anthracite tex frame color. Each awning ensures unmatched style, utility, and protection for your outdoor space.

Social Proof:

  1. “The Salou transformed our patio into a luxury retreat. Perfect sun protection!” – Carol, Miami
  2. “Its sleek design added an elegant touch to our backyard. Highly recommended!” – Jake, Phoenix
  3. “We love the expansive coverage. Our outdoor dinners have never been more comfortable!” – Linda, Houston
  4. “The manual control is so easy to use, even my kids can operate it.” – Mark, San Diego
  5. “I got the anthracite tex. It’s the perfect match for our modern home.” – Emma, Seattle


  1. What is the maximum size for the Salou awning?
    • The Salou can extend to a maximum width of 6 meters and a depth of 3 meters.
  2. Can I choose the control type?
    • Yes, you have the option of either manual or electric control.
  3. What color options are available for the frame?
    • The frame is available in tech silver, ivory, or anthracite tex.
  4. Is the fabric protected when the awning is closed?
    • Yes, the Salou’s design ensures complete protection for the fabric when closed.
  5. Is the Salou easy to operate?
    • Absolutely, the Salou is designed with ease of operation in mind, whether you choose manual or electric control.
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