Aluminum Glass Roof

Aluminum Glass Roof

In the Emirates, the “Grand Design” trend for home extensions is growing in popularity. Aluminum Glass Roof is best to buy from professionals DEFRA Shade

Secondary Heading

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A feeling of freedom that blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors – thanks to top quality with a span of up to 7 meters. Comfort on the terrace.



Comfort on the terrace

✓ Large span and unobstructed garden view
✓ Attractive ‘panoramic’ look
✓ Numerous possibilities
✓ Maximum dimensions WIDTH: ∞ // DEPTH: MAX. 5.50 M

Terrace roof_pic 3

Countless possibilities

As a self-supporting terrace roof or canopy, this aluminum glass roof offers countless possibilities

Thanks to the innovative gutter profile, where the gutter and gutter support are designed as one unit, the roof is self-supporting in the width between 2 posts up to a maximum of 7 m (with plastic panels of 16 mm, at a depth of 3 m). This span can also be found in the statics table of the assembly instructions.

This creates an attractive panoramic view without the view being obstructed by intermediate posts. In depth, it is self-supporting up to 5.5 m. The roof pitch varies between 2° and 20° and from 5° with web panels.

Overview (RAL) colors
2 standard RAL colors, 6 “trend” RAL colors

Patio roofs are offered in various RAL colors. RAL is a coding system for defining color shades and other coatings. We can supply any type of profile with any color of your choice. For the RAL colors that are not included in our color list, there is an extra charge and a delivery time of 6 weeks.

Standard colors for aluminum glass roof


With the accessories you can enjoy your patio cover all year round. From LED spotlights to vertical awnings and windbreaks and much more.

Glass pane door

Sliding glass elements to protect against wind and rain


Patio roof

Protects from wind, sun and ensures privacy


LED lighting

Lighting profile with LED spots


Side shading

Comfort, shade and privacy on the terrace


Aluminum Glass Roof

The ‘grand design’ trend of home extensions is becoming increasingly popular in the Emirates. To complement interior aesthetics, aluminum glass roofs are gaining immense popularity in cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Cayman, and Sharjah. As there is less structure on the roof elevations, it is vital to determine the appropriate structural support for the building to withstand vertical and lateral forces. 
Your home’s vaulted aluminum glass ceiling creates a wonderful sense of comfort. Dramatic architecture meets common sense energy efficiency that you’ll love for decades. Aluminum is a very strong metal that lasts longer than wood or PVC and can withstand various weather conditions.
DEFRA incorporates cutting-edge design techniques from the popular aluminum glass roof system and offers slim, modern profiles to provide a strong yet lightweight system that can be configured to almost any roof design. We offer the broadest range of glass roofs to order, from high to triangular roofs with unobstructed partitions up to 6 meters. Our experts will work with you to determine the right solution for your home.

Why Aluminum framed Glass Roofs?
Owing to their strength and durability, Aluminum framed glass roofs are trending throughout the Emirates. Although roofs can be made from various materials, glass roofs with an aluminum frame have become the standard for balconies of residential buildings in Dubai. Glass has excellent load-bearing and acoustic properties. Compared to polycarbonate roofs, glass roofs can significantly reduce external noise, such as rain, low-flying aircraft, and heat resistance.
A glass roof also allows you to take advantage of innovations such as solar control and ease-to-cleaning.
DEFRA SHADES offers a wide range of aluminum roofing products that complement our framed glass product’s elegant beauty. Aluminum offers many cost advantages over traditional timber framing and has physical properties that can provide unique benefits depending on the application. As with our other specialty glass products, every aluminum structure we finish is equipped with high-performance insulating Glass from the best German manufacturers.

They Look Amazing
Glass in any form can always bring an elegant and modern aesthetic to the home. Even a less exciting home can be significantly boosted when a conservatory or skylight is installed.
In short, having the right Aluminum glass installed by experts like us will make any property more desirable. If you want your home to be the envy of your neighbors, look no further.

Increase the value of your home
An efficient Aluminum glass roof can provide you with additional living space, provided the project meets the appropriate building regulations. By providing you with an outdoor space protected from the elements, a glass roof will add value to your property.
Of course, it’s not just about sales: being able to sit outside and enjoy your garden in the evening without worrying about the cold – or the rain – is a wonderful thing, and many people in Abu Dhabi are already taking advantage of it.

Solar control glass
As standard, we have installed solar-powered Glass on all roofs, which has a self-cleaning coating that helps keep the Glass clean and free of dirt and watermarks. By installing double glazing, controlled by the sun, heat transfer (solar gain) through the Glass can be reduced, preventing the rooms below from being too hot in summer (considering UAE weather conditions) and too cold in winter.
Goerres has designed these fixed-glazed roofs, which can be constructed at any size and geometry, from simple rectangular to pyramidoid or polygonal forms. For the roof’s construction, transverse aluminum beams are used, which accommodate single and double-tempered glazing, forming an entirely watertight system.

Using durable materials (aluminum and Glass), the roof is guaranteed to stand the test of time while maximizing the glazing’s surface, offering an unobstructed view and protection under the most challenging conditions.

Bespoke designs for an increased Natural Light
This benefit should come as no surprise to anyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s underrated! Installing a glass roof or skylight can significantly increase the natural light to flood your property.
What are the practical benefits of this? Well, there are many:
·      Natural light has been proven to improve overall well-being and improve well-being
·      Natural light can be a great way to highlight interior design, accent colors, and add a positive vibe to a room.
·      Natural light can save you a lot of money, especially on dark winter days: You don’t have to reach for the light switch!

Get rid of the noise.
Aluminum glass roofs are generally considered modern architecture. Glass can help reduce external noise. As with thicker Glass, air gaps (the spaces between the Glass) help minimize sound. This roof system can provide homeowners and businesses with increased natural light, robust thermal performance, noise reduction, design flexibility, and increased home value.
Hence, aluminum glass roofs are becoming common all over the Emirates, especially in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Cayman, and Sharjah.

Good Thermal Performance
When you work with an experienced team of professionals like Goerres, the Glass you install can improve the thermal performance of your home.
The properties of Glass with excellent thermal values ​​help your home to maintain a comfortable level of insulation throughout the year. A glass roof or solar energy has been proven to help save money on your home over time: As well as saving electricity, the increased insulation means you will have to turn on the heating less during the year’s colder months. For larger households in Sharjah, usually those with big winter bills, this can save a considerable amount of money over time.

Color your Roofs
Glass roof aluminum is available in different RAL colors. Choose traditional white or break the mold with a modern gray or black roof. Almost any other color imaginable can be matched using the RAL color system. Metallbau Goerres are specialists in quality aluminum structural glass roofs. We supply high-quality solutions and customize all our projects. Hence, please choose the color of your dreams and rest assured, we have you covered. 

DEFRA SHADE Aluminum Glass Roof Solutions
Did you know that Aluminum glass roofs are installed before the insulation of the building is completed so that the welded frames can be attached directly to the concrete slabs so that it is not necessary to cut the insulation afterward to obtain a solid installation surface?
Our aluminum glass roof systems have been developed for over 30 years. They are designed explicitly for postcodes, providing high quality, reliability and configuration, making them the solution of choice for all glass roof designs that can be imagined. To protect the concrete elements of the balcony from changes in the weather (in a country like UAE), the glazing system of the patio should also be considered.
Our glazed aluminum roof structures are German-designed; to feature frameless balcony glazing systems that open fully as the profiles are welded together. It is also essential to make the roof size according to the balcony size. Our core features include the following:
·      DEFRA SHADE’S specialist software engineers have designed every essential roof element to withstand the most extreme wind and snow loads specific to the installation’s postcode.
·      Our aluminum glass roofs are manufactured in Germany and are fully accredited by the BBA, and over 1 million have been installed in the UAE over the last 30 years.
·      Pitches range from 2.5° to 40.9°, and the variable ridge and portal system also means that the glass roof can be configured to almost any size and shape.
·      The patented chamber roof, together with twin bolts and the strongest, most durable glass gaskets and stops, ensure that the roof can withstand winds of up to 130 mph.
·      Goerres ‘s insulated blinds, cornices, and insulated brackets are available in any color and unmatched glass options.
·      Goerres ‘s patented lock speed ​adjustable optimizes the compression of the glass strips and allows easy roof installation, ensuring fast installation every time.
·      Designing in-house and manufacturing the broadest range of products on the market means we can integrate bespoke glass roofs into general glazing solutions, providing a consistent overall design.

Adhering to the Government standards
The dangers of glass roofs are obvious, broken Glass can be fatal when falling from a height, and when you decide to start a project with glass roof panels, it goes without saying that it’s not a DIY project. Metallbau Goerres ‘s standard for glass roof panels is of the highest performance, tempered and laminated Glass. We strictly adhere to Government standards to ensure our products’ quality and avoid any fatal incidents.

Get your aluminum glass roofs tailored with us.
Our experienced engineers are trained to work closely with architects, surveyors, and project managers in a practical way to understand the full scope of the project. This enables us to fully understand our client’s needs and provide tailored solutions focused on project specifications.
Completed projects include many private, public, and subcontracted aluminum framed roofing projects in UAE. 
Contact us to get your roofs tailored with the most durable, high-quality aluminum framed Glass. We are there 24/7 to give you the roofs of your dreams. 

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