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Related to almost all from your own outdoor liveable space having a louvered roof .

More than a outdoor patio, an awning, a umbela or a veranda, pergolas with louvered roof happen to be the ultimate answer to your outdoor living satisfaction. You will need louvered pergola to: affect the amount from sunlight by partially beginning the top louvered rotor blades boostwinter temperatures through your house by pointing the baldes for the home and letting the sun’s rays in guardhome and exterior furniture by fading and deterioration enhance the value of the property.

All of our louvered pergolas fulfill the utmost quality standards and the truth that fully conform to restrictions.

Conduct of qualified architects, ashion designers, engineers, and builders is able tohandle any type of commercial or residential venture. Our goal is to provide finish- to- finish customer assistance at a terrific value.


Frequently asked questions about sun protection

Solar shading offers many advantages. It makes for sustainable and comfortable low-energy buildings in which you can live and work comfortably. With shade providers for the garden, you protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and from the heat. This raises the mood in your indoor area and on your terrace and you enjoy your home longer and more often.

There is a variety of sun protective solutions. The Verano® collection consists of 3 categories: Façade, Garden & Terrace and Window Decoration. We offer the following sun protection solutions.


Roller shutters, vertical awnings, drop arm awnings, basket awnings and garage doors.

Garden and terrace:

Articulated arm awnings, pergola awnings, patio canopies, slatted roofs, sliding walls, glass walls, veranda sunshades (over and under glass awnings), windshades and sunshades for the catering industry.

Window decoration:

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, pleated blinds and slats.

Our sun protection systems are made of aluminium, a durable and almost maintenance-free material. Would you like to enjoy your sun protection system for as long as possible? Take a look at our cleaning tips.

This depends on the product, dimensions, colours and additional options. Sun protection is a big investment that pays off in the long run. For example, you can save on electricity costs and protect your home from the cold and heat at the same time. Get your quote now!

In our opinion, they are products that effectively fulfil your wishes. Because there is a variety of wishes, we try to offer you the best solution with customised work.


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The way you can shade your terrace depends on your budget and wishes. Articulated arm awnings are effective shade providers. However, if you would like to remain seated even during a shower, then patio covers with over- or under-glass awnings are good devices. Do you opt for a slatted roof? Then you have a luxury place in the garden in addition to the necessary shade!

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